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CD Printmasta

Have you ever needed to order a large number of optical discs with your data? Or maybe you are considering finally releasing your music and giving the samples to people around you or producers? Definitely get in touch with Printmasta and order the amount of pieces you require. Depending on the number of copies commissioned, the company offers Blu-ray, DVD and CD duplication or replication. They can also prepare fully customisable cases for the discs and even retro cassette tapes popular amongst independent artists.DVD and CD duplicationDVD and CD duplication means simply copying the data onto an indicated number of pre-prepared optical discs. This solution is used with smaller commissions, where the process of creating a glass master is not required. The company's experience and the available equipment will reduce the production cost and its time. Located in Eastern Europe Printmasta can offer the services at competitive prices and deliver them straight to your address. You can find the detailed info about DVD and CD duplication on their website.

Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 02-561 Warszawa

Brexit Custom Agents

Import from the UK to Poland or other European Union countries? Export to the UK from Poland or other EU countries? You will need Brexit customs agents. They will help you with all necessary formalities. Regardless of the direction of trade, FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD provides customs services for companies dealing with export and import to / from the UK. They guarantee efficient service and correct completion of customs declarations. Their support will make everything much easier for you and your employees.

Brexit custom agents

After Brexit, all loads crossing the UK border require customs clearance, regardless of whether or not they have any fees. Customs clearance is the preparation of a document - called a customs declaration - that will allow the cargo to cross the border of the UK and complete customs formalities, in particular to calculate customs duties and taxes. Without the help of FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD it is a very complicated process. Failure to complete the documents may even result in the withdrawal of products from the border.

6 Russell Road, IP11 2BD Felixstowe

Cleaning services

Tidy Job is well-known as a professional mobile car wash from Dundee that always focus on every single detail to make a vehicle amazingly neat and shiny. No matter if it is covered with mud, dirt, frost or snow, in the blink of an eye you will be provided with its new stunning appearance. It is a particularly useful service when you want to make as good impression as possible, for example, before a business meeting or a date. Your windows will be washed, any pet hair will be eliminated, rubbish will be thrown out, while seats and carpets will be shampooed and not only.

Tidy Job
12B Bonnethill Court DD3 7BA Dundee

Core development of software products

If your company cannot meet the deadlines or the project you currently work on has overwhelmed your team, you should look for a dependable help. Your best choice is to reach out to various outsourcing companies, get acquainted with their accomplishments and employ the one which has a vast knowledge on the topic at hand. Baroo Software, which operates mostly in Poland and Ireland, has a lengthy experience of working on Java-based solutions, creating customised applications for iOS and Android operating systems.

A reliable assistance of Java outsourcing companies

Many Java outsourcing companies care only about using the client's resources and expanding their reach. Baroo Software is known as a small but dedicated team with a talented team of ambitious and creative programmers. You can brainstorm each idea with their employees to come up with even better solutions for your products. If you have any questions or concerns, the company is willing to answer them and try to solve any problems amicably. Visit their website, learn more about the projects they have worked on and consider this cooperation.

Baroo Software
108 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2
544 449 444