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Professional products

If you need polarized 3D glasses, you should visit Best Promotional offers those products in many kinds, for instance, circular or linear and paper or plastic. They are compatible with IMAX 3D, RealD and 5D technologies. Therefore, you can promote your brand in a very innovative way, what will make your company appear modern and creative. Polarized 3D glasses enable a person to see a 3-dimensional image thanks to the lenses, which limit the amount of light reaching both eyes.

Best Promotional
13 Tansey Grove M7 4TA Salford
07563 481357

For comsmetics industry

If you are looking for cosmetic plastic tubes of the highest quality, Mpack invites you to take advantage of their extremely attractive offer. They have existed on the market for about 8 years now and they have gained a stable position there. Thanks to their great experience in the branch, as well as the most modern machinery framework, they always perform their tasks quickly and infallibly. All the containers which they manufacture are pro-ecological, being completely recyclable.

MPack Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
Sobiekursk 26a 05-480 Karczew
22 780 05 00

3D stickers

We can make three-dimensional stickers for your manufactured using the latest technology with epoxy resin. If you arrange a larger banquet, and even a small gathering of friends is our gadget certainly adds to the event some of the other more interesting color. The high quality of our products and the ability to produce up to even a million pieces gadget ensures that we are able to handle any, even the most demanding request. Together with a full range of data to contact us please visit our website

Best promotional
13 Tansey Grove M7 4TA Salford Lancashire
0161 792 4044